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Hello and welcome to our improvised archive. Here you can find 100+ courses and other educational resources recommended by our team and the entire Reddit community. We have collected in one place only the material that will help you develop professionally and grow, which are worthy of your attention.

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*Each resource you find in this collection has been selected by either our media team, members of the Reddit community, or our readers. Our goal is very simple - we want our readers to have the opportunity to rely on the opinion of our media, so that our reader has an archive of resources verified by professionals to achieve all career and personal goals without exception.

About this Search Engine

100+ Unique and Effective IT Educational Resources were selected by specialists in their IT niche, they were not chosen by popularity or average reviews of other users, only by professionals who know and understand their niche, understand what the requirements of the labor market are for such specialists, that they must be able to work with. We talk in more detail about the ideology of our team and the ideology of our entire resource in this article. We recommend to read it.

If you yourself are a specialist with a wealth of experience in self-education and know very well and catch what educational resources a student should spend time on and what not, if you want to share this with others, then you are exactly where you need to be. We really appreciate the experience and knowledge of our community, and therefore we created a separate thread on Reddit, where you can share unique and effective resources of yours with everyone (as an alternative, you can use the feedback form, we regularly read feedback to our site, so we will not miss your message). Later, after a little moderation, this resource will be added to our search engine.

When experts converse and share their experiences, communication may come to conclusions much more quickly, and you will no longer rely on your own instincts and intuition but rather on someone else's experience. Take use of other people's errors and ways to fix them rather than trying to create the wheel.

Why take the effort to create a resume from scratch when there are so many pre-made templates available on the internet that have been assembled by skilled designers and HR professionals. Why spend effort on personal debugging when there are a million Stack Overflow articles on this error? If there are people willing to share their experience with you since they have previously gone through it, why check on personal experience to see if this information is useful for self-education or not? Why spend personal time on this when it might be used for something more productive? Trust those who have already experienced it.

What we achieved

This is how the concept for our website was conceived. Our team has together those who are accustomed to finding solutions on their own and those with inflated egos who are unwilling to seek assistance from those who can find a solution to a problem in a flash. That's not acceptable. We are quite aware of this, thus we have built a location that addresses this issue in part.

We have established a place on the internet where anybody may check the value of the content they have chosen for themselves before learning a new skill or subject. Initially, it was a blog, which was a very practical format for these uses. Later, however, we wanted to save our readers even more time and effort, so we established a search engine ("100+ Unique and Effective IT Educational Resources") where users may input keywords to access a vast library of information that has been deemed helpful and reliable by our community.

Our philosophy is really straightforward: if someone chooses to self-educate, then he already possesses the drive, willpower, and desires we need. By pushing this student in the right direction, we may avoid wasting time and effort on futile searches and worrying that the student would make the wrong decision.

We appreciate the efforts and work of those who learn something new and improve themselves. This archive is made primarily for such people. We do not set ourselves the goal of advertising or promoting any resources, but rather draw your attention to those unique IT educational resources that you did not even notice before or doubted their effectiveness. We really hope that here you will find what you are looking for, and if not, feel free to come back at any time, because our improvised archive is constantly updated. Good luck!

How to Choose Materials Correctly

By the right choice of educational material, we mean not only our search engine, but in general the choice of exactly the material that you need among the huge variety of different materials on the net. Agree that now there are simply thousands of courses, books, webinars and bootcamps, and it is very difficult to choose among them on your own. It is difficult to give universal advice, because much will depend on your specialty and field of study, but we have tried to form such advice.

Price and Money

If you are new to the field you are about to learn more about, you should not spend more than $0 dollars on training. Before you do something seriously, you need to understand and determine for yourself whether you need it at all, and it would be interesting for you to devote at least 8 hours a day to this. We don’t want to go into someone else’s wallet, but it’s just pointless to spend money on it. What if this area does not suit you at all? Why spend over $200 on a data analytics bootcamp if you're bored with math terms in 7 minutes into the course.

If you are new to the field you are about to learn more about, you should not spend more than $0 dollars on training. Before you do something seriously, you need to understand and determine for yourself whether you need it at all, and it would be interesting for you to devote at least 8 hours a day to this. We don’t want to go into someone else’s wallet, but it’s just pointless to spend money on it. What if this area does not suit you at all? Why spend over $200 on a data analytics bootcamp if you're bored with math terms in 7 minutes into the course.

Duration / Size

A very logical decision always seems to be the choice in favor of longer courses or voluminous books, or gigantic documentation, because if they are longer or bigger, then they cover more material, which means they give more knowledge. There is logic in this, but often the opposite is true. Bulky training materials contain too much information that is not related to the topic, many branches and funny stories from the mentor's life.

There should be a middle ground, a perfect balance. We did a small analysis of all 100+ free resources in our database that we recommend to you and are ready to report that the median duration of the course / lecture / webinar is about 10 hours, and the median value of technical literature is 270 pages. Of course, this is not an absolute value, but it is still worth keeping these values in mind when choosing a material.

Ideal Course Duration Diagram

Ideal Course Duration Diagram

Covered Topics

If you are new to the topic you are going to explore in depth, do not choose narrowly focused materials for yourself. If you want to learn Python, you don't have to start a data analysis course in Python, even though there is Python in both cases. If you want to try your hand at management, you should not start reading about it with Agile and so on. In a word, always move from the general to the specific, from the more common and general to the narrower and more specific material.

Of course, this does not apply to you if you just took a course in higher mathematics, and now you want to dive into probability theory and mathematical statistics, or got acquainted with the basics of frontend development and want to learn and read more about Bootstrap or jQuery, or if you are interested in diving into the backend working with databases and want to dive into PostgreSQL. You can continue endlessly, but I think you get the point - move from the general to the particular.

Mentors and Authors

The IT industry is unique and amazing in that you can tell an authority figure from an incompetent person by asking a few questions or watching a two-minute YouTube video. It will immediately become clear everything about the author and whether it understands what it is saying at all. In this sense, always pay attention to who is the bootcamp and course mentor or the book author.

There are many platforms that allow to publish educational materials to anyone, including people who read material from Wikipedia, there are many of them. But platforms that attract experts and honored successful professionals in their field, who make our future, are much less popular among students.

When choosing learning material, be sure to pay attention to who created it. It’s enough just to make a couple of queries on Google to understand what’s what and what you have in front of a real developer, and not a blogger who writes the Snake game in Python on streams (no offense). Most often, you will stumble upon profiles on Linkedin. This is an ideal place where you can not only learn more about the mentor, but also get to know the person’s projects (or maybe even chat with the mentor) more closely.

Correct Mentor Choice

Correct Mentor Choice


This point applies mainly to online courses. Now there are just a huge number of platforms that consider it necessary to make courses and sell them to an audience. Now we will not talk about which platforms are worth attention, and which, even very popular players in this sandbox, are not. Here we just want to warn you, because as the number of such platforms grows, so does the number of fictitious scam courses.

There are platforms that even have real courses, with real video lectures and assignments, but they are so garbage and only provide negative benefits, interfering, not teaching, confusing the student. That is why we called such platforms - fictitious scam. Since you can only understand scam by buying a course, and user reviews most often have nothing to do with reality, then check them on ScamAdvisor so that you are not scammed for money.

Scam or Real Worthy Educational Material

Scam or Real Worthy Educational Material


Of course, you can check and search all the points we have agreed in this article on your own, but here, on our website, we have done it for you. We've curated the learning materials for you based on these simple rules + opinions from experts in each field (it's good to have Linkedin). We have saved you a lot of time so that you do not spend it on analysis, but solely on learning and self-education.

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