Why UX Design is Essential for New Digital Product Success

Today I want to discuss with you why UX design is a very important part of every digital product and when launching a new product, you should always think about the user who will use this product.

Firstly, let's define what UX design is. UX design is the process of creating a product that is easy to use, enjoyable, and provides a positive user experience. It involves understanding the needs and goals of users and designing a product that meets those needs.

Reduce Frustration

One of the main reasons why UX design is essential for new digital product success is that it helps to reduce user frustration. If a product is difficult to use or doesn't meet the needs of users, they will quickly become frustrated and look for an alternative. This can lead to poor reviews, low sales, and ultimately the failure of the product.

Suppose you have an online course on web programming, where there are only three videos - frontend development, backend development and writing a pet project. Each video is 4 hours long. Will there be many buyers for such a course? No, because the creator of the course did not think about his viewers, about his users. No one will be comfortable watching 4 hours of new and complex information in one video.

It will be inconvenient to return to the material if questions arise, because among the 4-hour video this material is simply impossible to find. Each time it will be difficult to find the place where you interrupted the training yesterday. This is the reason I don't like YouTube bootcamps like "Python in 10 hours" for example. This is not only ineffective lessons, but also the creator did not think about his user.

It is much more efficient in this case to divide the video lessons into sections and topics for 3-4 minutes. It is easier for a person to assimilate information that is presented in a limited amount, and does not fall out at once in a bunch. And if a person learns such information more easily, then he will be more willing to buy it. If you have gone through the lessons on Udemy, then you will understand me. There, 99% of the courses were divided into sections with videos of 3-4 minutes each, and each course, even with a duration of 3 hours, students buy like crazy.

User Engagement

Another reason why UX design is essential for new digital product success is that it helps to increase user engagement. If a product is easy to use and provides a positive experience, users are more likely to engage with it. This can lead to increased usage, positive reviews, and ultimately the success of the product.

Imagine that you are hosting a podcast and interviewing prominent IT professionals in each episode, asking them to talk about what they do in simple terms, explain how complex business and technical processes work, ask for recommendations on how to succeed in this particular areas. How then could you increase your audience in terms of UX.

One way that I can offer as an example is to increase user engagement and, for example, before each episode, conduct a user vote on the next guest on the podcast. Thus, users will feel that they can influence the course of the podcast, that they can choose who the podcast will interview.

Simple psychology works here - the more we are integrated into something, the more we subconsciously follow and observe it. If you've ever donated to a Twitch streamer, then you know what I mean. When you send a donation, you will not leave the stream until the streamer answers the question that you asked him in the message, and when the donation text is displayed on the streamer's screen, you rejoice like a child. The example with a rollover is essentially no different from this.

Donation - The Simpsons Meme

Donation - The Simpsons Meme

Customer Loyalty

In addition to reducing frustration and increasing engagement, UX design can also help to increase customer loyalty. If a product provides a positive experience, users are more likely to become loyal customers and recommend the product to others. This can lead to increased sales and the long-term success of the product.

SkyScanner User Friendly UX Design

SkyScanner User Friendly UX Design

Here, as an example, I want to give the SkyScanner meta search engine for cheap flights. Their success in selling airline tickets is largely due to the ease of use of their site by users. The interface is intuitive, it is clear where to enter what data, and it is clear that the buy button means to buy a ticket. The interface is not overloaded with useless information - only what is really needed.

Moreover, people like it when they can buy tickets on one page, and then follow the link from the same page to the site where they can book accommodation for the dates already selected in the previous step. Provide people with the convenience of using your services or product - simple navigation, uncluttered design, ease and speed of use and your product will be destined for success.


Finally, UX design is essential for new digital product success because it helps to differentiate the product from the competition. In today's crowded digital marketplace, it's important to create a product that stands out from the crowd. By creating a product that provides a positive user experience, a company can differentiate itself from the competition and create a competitive advantage.

Skillshare - Influencers Courses

Skillshare - Influencers Courses

As an example, here I want to compare two major competitors in the online education market - Skillshare and Udemy. If you are a user of these two platforms, then you know that Skillshare offers its users to take courses from well-known influencers - they have a lot of such courses and partly their business model is based on this.

The fact is that such a feature that distinguishes them from competitors allows users to associate themselves more with the company's product (course), because the user is more likely to buy a course from a blogger whom he watched yesterday at dinner than from a professor of mathematics at Stanford (no offense Stanford). By giving people this opportunity, Skillshare understands the need of users, focusing on UX, increasing their sales.


UX design is essential for new digital product success. By reducing user frustration, increasing user engagement, increasing customer loyalty, and differentiating the product from the competition, UX design can help to create a product that people will love and that will ultimately be successful. If you're creating a new digital product, be sure to invest in UX design to ensure its success.

I have tried to give clear and well-known examples to illustrate how brands and companies you know make a lot of money thanks to UX. The most important thing that I wanted to convey to you, to the creators of digital products, is to make it convenient for your users, then money, views and reviews will come into your hands.


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