With What I Faced at my First IT Support Specialist Job?

On our website, articles about personal experience, about the beginning of a career, about personal failures, or vice versa, about the conclusions that everyone makes for themselves, have recently begun to appear more and more often. This is a fairly broad and interesting topic that can be explored for years. Today I want to contribute to this topic and share with you how my first six months as a support specialist went for me. I will talk about how I felt when I got a job and how I feel now that I am leaving. I will try to be objective and not scold anyone.

Selection of Candidates

As probably all readers know, the selection of candidates for work in IT is probably the longest selection process among all other fields of activity. Seriously. I've been interviewing for weeks. Everywhere the same structure - selection of candidates by resume, sending test tasks by email indicated in the resume, selection of the best test tasks and appointment of online interviews and offers, if you're lucky.

I Have to Work for Money - The Simpsons Meme

I Have to Work for Money - The Simpsons Meme

The same scheme that takes you almost a month. That is why, if you have found what you think is the ideal job for you and are 100% sure of the test task, then here is my advice to you - look for at least 5 more options and reach the last stage of the online interview with these options. Maybe, if you're lucky, one of them will make you an offer.

So, I got the job a month after sending the test task. Therefore, when I was asked about my test task for an interview, I could not give an adequate answer simply because I did not even remember what was in this test task and what I had to do. From here, here's the second tip for you - before the interview, always scroll through the test task (and never delete them - keep them as a portfolio or at least as a keepsake).

From this small part, I deduced the following negative emotions for myself - the selection of candidates for IT is the worst thing that happened to me in my life. My very good friend, who studied law and jurisprudence at the university, found a job in 2 weeks, while he had only one stage - an online interview, three days after which he was made an offer. However, he is not a genius and with great difficulty graduated from the university.

At the same time, my girlfriend was selected for the vacancy of a manager, also in an IT company, and this selection took her a month and a half, after which she was refused. She was sure to the last that she had done the test task perfectly and proved herself at the interview, but she was still refused.

I understand that enthusiasts and those who are ready to tear their throats for work in IT have gathered here, but believe me, I will never agree to go through these stages again. It was the most difficult month of waiting in my life and I was very lucky, but how many people like my girlfriend who did not get what they were so eager for, showing themselves to the maximum.


It's time to talk about the job for which I fought 280 candidates. By the way, from the HR department, I tied up statistics that may seem interesting to you. Of the 1,247 candidates who submitted their resumes via Linkedin, 280 were selected and sent tests. Of these 280 lucky ones, 150 candidates sent at least something, of which only 20 people were invited to the last stage of the online interview. In total, only 1.6% received an interview offer. It's a lot or a little - draw your own conclusions, but I must say that this is an absolutely normal situation and this is absolutely everywhere.

So, I got my first job in IT as a support specialist. The fact is that an employee without work experience can expect little. I know several programming languages, I know mathematics very well, but not at such a level that I can compete with developers for a vacancy. You yourself can see very well how insignificant the chances are, especially if you are not good enough at what you claim. As a result, I settled on a support specialist in an IT company.

I would compare my work with the copy center administrator. The main work and money is made by the printer, and I just put the paper in, change the cartridges, and in case of a breakdown, I call the master, unable or not entitled to do something on my own. Sounds terrible, you know. I worked for a company that produces software for online booking of airline tickets. You have 100% used this software, you just probably don't know about it.

I deliberately do not say the name of the software and the company. Although I don't work there anymore, I think it's wrong and unethical to talk badly about my previous job and my colleagues, so you can only guess the name of the company. (Hint: software name starts with "A").

We worked directly with airlines. This is a b2b business and, accordingly, I was engaged in b2b support for airlines that work with us. If you know what an airline is and have been at the airport at least once, then you know that planes fly every day, every minute. They don't care if it's a day off or tonight. And if customers fly at night and on weekends, then airline support works around the clock, and accordingly, we, the guys who work directly with airline support, work around the clock. And this is, frankly, hell!


My story turns out to be very long and so that the reader does not get tired of the wall of text, I broke it into two parts. Be sure to read the second part, because I made all the main conclusions there! The second part is available at the link.


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