Worthy Reasons to Stay with us for Newbies and Nerds

We really appreciate and love our large community. This is a community that is constantly evolving, does not stand still and always moves forward. Everyone feels comfortable with us, both beginners who want to change their career path, learn something new, learn something they didn’t even know about before, as well as experienced brains with rich professional and life experience, who most often act as mentors for beginners - help with advice and share experience.

We are constantly growing and developing. This is largely due to the activity of our brains, which are active both in the community on Reddit and on the site, where members write articles and discuss them on a subreddit.

By joining our community, you automatically take part in the development of our project, our online media dedicated to professional growth and development in IT. You automatically become a mentor for some and a student for others. We always have something to learn and something to tell.

If you are eager to become someone's mentor by publishing your material, we really appreciate it and are always open to your materials. To do this, just write to the administrator by mail.

Here we share experience, knowledge and skills, everyone has the right to write out, because everyone's experience is unique and has meaning for others.


Why This Website is so Exciting for Newbies and Nerds

Jan 22

Our blog contains many posts and collections with only one goal - professional growth and development...

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