Absolutely Best Tools that Save you From Every Single Day Spam

Have you ever had such that in order to register on some site that is unfamiliar to you, or even worse - suspicious, there is absolutely no desire to leave your email or phone number? For example, you want to test a new SEO tool and don't want to receive hundreds of commercial offers a day, clogging up your email. Or receive fraudulent calls after registering on an unfamiliar site. All this can be avoided by using a few very simple tools, which I will discuss in this article.

I use these tools myself, so I know what I'm talking about. The primary goal of using each of them for me is, of course, the ability to test any product without clogging email. They are also great tools to keep you anonymous online. Enough with unnecessary words - let's get down to my selection.

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is perhaps one of the best tools for receiving mail with different content. You do not need to register on the site to start using the services of the service, you do not need to provide your name, surname and other personal information. The service does not require anything.

Temp Mail Interface

Temp Mail Interface

When you open the site, you get your temporary email, as well as a user interface that will display all the letters that came to this address. The action plan is very simple. When registering an account that you do not want to create, you can simply copy the temporary email address from this site and receive an account confirmation email or other necessary information. This will allow you to register wherever you want, not to worry about the reliability of the site where you specify a temporary email and avoid spam.

The service is very fast and works no slower than Google's email client. I also want to note that some sites successfully recognize temporary emails. This is not really surprising, because they are clearly spelled differently from the email addresses that people come up with. But you should not worry, in my experience I have met very few such sites. This has only happened to me a few times.

Receive SMS

To be honest, it is a big mystery to me who uses SMS messages now. I always provide an email address when registering. However, in some cases, verify the account via SMS notification. It's also a great way to stay anonymous online, if that's important to you.

Receive SMS Interface

Receive SMS Interface

The service interface is slightly different. Here, you are not assigned a mobile phone number automatically, but you choose it yourself with the country code that you want. By selecting a phone number, you will see the entire list of messages that came to this number. Among other people's messages, you should carefully search and find your own.

I will say right away that any service that provides temporary use of a mobile phone is slower than temporary email services. I think that technically this is a more complicated process, so it is worth showing a little patience.

The range of possibilities for this service is huge. I will give an example of how I used this site. I register all supermarket bonus cards with temporary phone numbers. Furthermore, I don't know why, but most of the big supermarket chains want to get my mobile phone number in addition to my email. It's very convenient, and I keep my phone spam-free because I don't want to be notified at 3:00 in the morning that there's a 15% discount on beef this weekend.


It is not enough to receive notifications by mail, they still need to be sent. Sharklasers will help with sending anonymous emails. I think everything is clear here. The site has a built-in mail client that assigns you an email address (which by the way can be changed) and from this email address you can send messages to anyone. The service works very quickly and letters do not end up in spam, which is great and very convenient (for most competitors, letters end up in spam).

Sharklasers Interface

Sharklasers Interface

From such addresses, I most often communicate with technical support. I don't like to litter on my main work mail, only the most important and necessary for everyday life is stored there. The last time I used this service was a month ago when I talked to the technical support of the food delivery service (unfortunately, after talking with technical support, they add your main address to their database, so you can later find promotional offers in your inbox).


In this collection, you did not see banal tips on information security (something like how to distinguish a spam letter from a regular one and what to do if you receive spam in the mail). There are plenty of tips on the simplest information security around. I wanted to show you something unusual, something that you may never have used, and be sure to use these tools in your daily life.

The list of tools that I have given in the article can be used for absolutely different purposes, it all depends on your imagination and everything is in your hands. For me, it was important to show that it is not necessary to leave your personal data wherever they are required, and you can use the tools that I have provided in the next tab for free and quickly. Personally, I have always been annoyed when there are more than ten messages in my mail. I try to sort them by tags, and what does not need to be deleted instantly. Since I started using these tools, this need has disappeared. My mail is in order, they don’t spam me with “profitable offers” and I don’t get calls from scammers “from the bank”. In a word, I have brought the digital order and I advise you! It's simple, convenient and useful.


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