What are Your Salary Expectations? Best and Ultimate Interview Answer

Hey! Today we will talk about a fairly popular topic, however, it is very difficult for many young profs who are looking for a job and are interviewing. Those who have already passed enough interviews are well aware of this question from the employer, they understand well when it is asked, however, they may not answer it correctly.

Today I will try to describe to you how to ideally answer the question about salary expectations when applying for a job, why it is important and how to name the ideal figure without frightening the employer and without working for a pittance. My advice is based on interview experience. I highly recommend that you first read this article at the link, which focuses on the 100 interviews I have done and what I have learned from them.

Research the Industry Standard

Before attending an interview, it's essential to research the industry standard for your role and level of experience. This will help you set realistic salary expectations and provide an informed answer. You can gather this information by speaking to professionals in your industry or using online resources such as Glassdoor and Payscale.

Before your interviews, surf Linkedin and write to professionals who work in the same field, in the same or a related position. Linkedin has a very friendly community of professionals and they will definitely answer you. The main thing is to prepare a list of questions in full, and do not torture people for weeks, asking questions as they come.

Salary Expectations Meme

Salary Expectations Meme

Ask people with a similar position about their experience, place of work, previous jobs and most importantly about work responsibilities - what they do and what their daily routine is. Only after that, tell them that you are scheduled for an interview for a similar position and give your numbers so that the person can assess whether your salary expectations are adequate.

In no case do not ask people about how their salary is - this is at least not polite, and it will also scare away professionals. So you will never get answers to your questions and you will not even have ideas about the validity of your numbers.

Be Flexible

It's essential to be flexible in your salary expectations, particularly if you're a recent graduate or transitioning to a new industry. Instead of providing a specific figure, provide a range that you're comfortable with and willing to negotiate. This approach shows that you're open to discussion and willing to find a mutually beneficial solution.

I usually give three numbers to the employer. The first digit is the minimum wage for which I am ready to work, the second digit is the golden mean and the third digit is the ideal salary for me. Moreover, I substantiate each figure.

Work Expectations Meme

Work Expectations Meme

For example, the minimum wage for which I am willing to work is because I have just graduated from the university and do not have sufficient professional experience. This is the golden mean, because I am a young specialist with ambitions who need funds to improve their skills and professional growth. The highest, ideal figure for me, because I consider myself an ideal candidate who meets all the requirements, passed all the qualifying stages without difficulty and is ready to develop further. These are just my examples - if you liked it, then I don’t feel sorry, but still it’s worth customizing them for yourself.

Highlight Your Value

When answering the salary expectation question, it's crucial to highlight your value and how it aligns with the company's goals. This approach helps the interviewer understand the unique skills and expertise you bring to the table and how they can contribute to the company's success. By demonstrating your value, you increase your chances of receiving a competitive compensation package.

In order to emphasize your importance, you should prepare in advance for the interview and find out everything about the company with which you will have an interview. For example, you have an interview for the position of an SEO specialist in a web studio. Find out as much as possible about what partners this studio works with, who its main customers are, who works in the team, what analysis tools the company uses. How correctly all this information can be found on the official website of the company, you just need to be more careful.

These subtleties and this information as a whole will enable you to stand out from your competitors. So, for example, you can safely say that you know Spanish very well, since the company is mainly focused on the Latin American market. Another candidate, even if he knows Spanish better than you, will not even mention it, because he did not google the partners with whom this web studio works.

Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate

Finally, don't be afraid to negotiate your salary expectations. If you're an exceptional candidate, the company may be willing to offer a higher salary or additional benefits. It's important to approach the negotiation process professionally, respectfully, and collaboratively to ensure a positive outcome for both parties.

The most important thing here is that you should always justify the figure. If you name your salary expectations, name any figure - always justify it - explain why this is such a figure. No need for details like - this is enough for me to rent a house, personal needs and a hamburger on Friday, just show yourself as an organized person who does not name random numbers, but has reasons to name just as much, no more and no less.

In conclusion, I want to recommend you a video that will also help you confidently and correctly answer such a question. The video is not mine, I do not advertise it, it's just that before watching it, I did not attach any importance to this question, and after it, I think that this is the most important question in the interview.


Answering the salary expectation question during a job interview can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can provide a thoughtful and effective answer. By researching industry standards, being flexible, highlighting your value, considering benefits and perks, and negotiating respectfully, you increase your chances of receiving a competitive compensation package that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Please prepare for this question in advance. This question is always asked, and it even makes sense to write the answer to it in a separate document, or at least draw up an answer plan, since it is very important, because it shows how you evaluate yourself, your knowledge, experience and potential.


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