Why Trendy and Outstanding ChatGPT AI Will Never Replace Human IMHO

Morning! Today I want to return to the topic of artificial intelligence and how it quickly burst into our lives. ChatGPT is just the beginning, the beginning of crazy investments in the artificial intelligence and machine learning industry, and therefore the rapid growth of the industry until the hype subsides, as was the case with virtual reality, for example, when every investor was ready to pay billions in startups, in description of which is only one mention of virtual reality. Now there is a new fashion, the fashion of artificial intelligence.

In this article, I will try to explain to you my position regarding whether artificial intelligence will replace us, people from meat and bones. Partially, I wrote about this in this article, but now I want to convey my idea to the reader more specifically and in detail. By the way, if you want, you can read the above article, and then come back here, so you will even form a more complex, and most importantly, your own opinion.

Genius answer

I thought it would be fun to ask ChatGPT himself what he thinks about this. I was expecting more creative answers, but I got quite standard and cliched phrases, which, so, everyone is talking about everywhere. Here is what ChatGPT told me about our topic today.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Humans possess an emotional intelligence that AI does not. We have the ability to empathize with others, understand their feelings, and respond accordingly. AI can simulate emotions, but it lacks the ability to truly understand the nuances of human emotions and respond appropriately.

  2. Creativity: Creativity is a unique human ability that has yet to be fully replicated by AI. Humans have the ability to come up with new ideas, think outside the box, and create something from nothing. AI, on the other hand, relies on patterns and data to generate ideas and solutions.

  3. Common Sense: While AI is excellent at analyzing data and identifying patterns, it lacks the ability to apply common sense. Human beings have a common sense that allows us to make decisions based on our experiences, knowledge, and instincts. AI can only make decisions based on the data it has been programmed with.

  4. Intuition: Intuition is an innate human ability that is difficult to explain or replicate. It allows us to make quick decisions based on a gut feeling or instinct. AI lacks this ability and relies solely on data and algorithms.

  5. Human Interaction: Human interaction is essential for many fields, including counseling, therapy, and education. While AI can simulate human interaction, it lacks the emotional intelligence and empathy that are necessary for effective communication.

I will say this, it reminds me of some pathetic phrases about the strength of humanity from a clichéd action movie of the 90s. But I do not want to discuss this answer and devote even more time to it, I want to convey to you another thought.

We are Creators

For me, the main factor that artificial intelligence will never replace a person is human experience. All the material on the web that we read and watch on the web was developed and created on the basis of previous experience. For a long time nothing has been created from scratch, but only the old is being finalized, improving and bringing new details.

AI Meme

AI Meme

Artificial intelligence is no exception. This is just the automation of already boring processes, the automation of what many already know how to do very well, but want to save themselves time for something new. I wrote about leaving ChatGPT to style the basic details of the site, like buttons or the navigation bar. I do this not because I can't do it myself, but because I want to save time to create something new, my own, to free up time for my personal project, whether it's a browser extension or an online tool.

Whatever artificial intelligence is, it will always process existing information, operate with existing data and datasets.

For AI to have information to work with, that information must be created, and only humans can create it. Only you and I can create memes, on the basis of which artificial intelligence will learn to use them in dialogue and change the inscriptions depending on the picture. Only we can write a tutorial on working with a database on a domain, and AI can only process it and present it to another user. Without our participation, AI will stand still, its functionality will not change, it will not learn from anyone, and therefore develop.

We are Experience

The headlines for this article look like they are anarchist slogans, but they are not. What distinguishes us from an algorithm is not at all creativity, intuition or other factors that cannot be calculated mathematically, what distinguishes us is that we have life experience that we share.

AI Replaces Human Discussion - Reddit

AI Replaces Human Discussion - Reddit

Try asking ChatGPT to tell a story about how someone got a job, ask for advice on how to behave in an interview, or whether to change career path after 20 years of experience in IT. You will get an absolutely insipid story, advice about nothing that you can’t come up with in a drunken delirium, you will get an answer that will not bring you any closer to solving your problem, and all because the AI answer is based on anything but the author’s personal experience.

To search for answers to such questions, you will not go to ChatGPT, you will go, for example, to Linkedin, where each professional in his field shares his personal experience, his personal experiences and skills. Share experiences on which he or she makes decisions.

For exactly the same reason, artificial intelligence will never replace the search engine. The search engine has a huge number of articles from different resources, where users share their experiences, not bare facts. Some questions, like those that I have given above, cannot be answered unambiguously, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer, because the situation is different for everyone, and not universal, ideal for everyone, as ChatGPT makes us understand.


I want to say that you should not worry about the fact that you will lose your job, because you will be replaced by AI or no one will need your business, because the user can get what they want from ChatGPT. This will not happen. Everyone is well aware that getting a short answer here and now is all that artificial intelligence is capable of here and now. Now experience is valued the most and in my opinion, although no one specifically asked for it, an investor should invest in the experience of people, and not in an industry whose ceiling of opportunities every time rests on the human factor and the inability to grow without a person.


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