Why This Website is so Exciting for Newbies and Nerds

Our blog contains many posts and collections with only one goal - professional growth and development. We share educational resources with each other that help to gain new knowledge and skills in IT. These educational resources are now endless, but our brains choose the best of them so that others do not waste time on useless courses that lead nowhere and teach nothing. Our brains tell from their own experience how to avoid their mistakes in an interview, what technical literature to read in order to better understand the topic, how best to allocate your time for training, work and career, so that there is enough time for everything and much, much more.

Each of us has a huge amount of experience behind us. Just imagine what a power it is if all this experience comes together under one roof. Be active and don't be shy. All works of our authors are signed (except when the authors preferred anonymity) and you can easily write to each of them. This is your right, everyone will only be happy about this and will be happy to help and advise you. Just be polite.

Politeness and tolerance are perhaps our only rules. Since both beginners and gurus have gathered in one place, it is important to maintain an atmosphere of tolerance and in case of misunderstanding between the participants, just talk patiently.


Worthy Reasons to Stay with us for Newbies and Nerds

Jan 24

We really appreciate and love our large community. This is a community that is constantly evolving...

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