Why Time and Efforts Investments in Education is the Right Choice

Hey! The material in this article was prepared by the administrator team of this site. We wanted to share with readers our ideology and our worldview, which inspired us when we launched this site from scratch and already gained a fairly large audience.

We wanted to tell you how we feel about education and why our attitude is worthy of the whole site, which has grown incredibly over the past six months. Today this article is not about useful educational resources, as usual, but about why it is generally worth constantly learning something new and spending time on it.

What Investments Mean?

Notice the title again. You and I are talking about investing our own time and effort in personal education, not money. We are firmly convinced that it is possible to get a decent education, and most importantly, a desired one, completely free of charge. This is not about getting a diploma from the most prestigious university in the galaxy, but about knowledge and skills.

Everything that a student has been learning for four years at MIT is quite possible to study on his own, it's just a matter of personal motivation and desire in general. Let's say a trite thing, but a diploma from a prestigious university does not make you a genius. You become a genius when you learn and practice on your own, on personal projects or research.

That is why we are talking about investing time and effort, not money. The money invested in education will always pay off, whether you bought a course on a popular platform or studied at MIT for 4 years, education will pay off anyway. But whether your time and effort will pay off is a completely different question ...

Investing Time & Efforts

Time is a rather limited and irreplaceable resource, agree? If money comes and goes, time only goes away. That is why the right investment of personal time is so valuable, and why it is so hard for us to waste time.

If you have the resilience and self-discipline to self-educate that we are promoting here, then you probably know how hard it is to spend 10 hours of your personal and free time on an online course that did not answer any of your questions, which what new did not teach you, but on the contrary left more questions.

You will ask a completely logical question, why is it in this case the right choice - to invest your personal time in this. Why is it right to invest your limited resource in empty, meaningless videos, lectures or practical tasks that will not teach anything, but only confuse and cause a feeling of hatred for the self-study process in general?

Good question. And here is your good answer - experience. Experience is not only the tasks that you have been doing in Excel for 5 years, coloring the cells of the table, but it is also what conclusions and work on the mistakes you have made over these 5 years - whether it is coloring the cells of the table only in colors that are pleasant to the client or more organized pivot table. It doesn't matter. What is important is that in these 5 years you have changed your approach and your actions and knowledge are different from what you did on the first day of work. The example is very generalized, but the essence remains the same.

Community Experience

Agree that 5 years to understand how to competently compile pivot tables and paint them in more pleasant colors is a very, very long time. But this is how a person works - he notices the mistakes of the past very slowly and inefficiently. But society as a whole is structured differently.

When specialists share this experience with each other, when a conversation takes place between them, communication can draw conclusions many times faster, and you will no longer rely on personal feelings and intuition, but on someone else's experience. Do not reinvent the wheel, take advantage of other people's mistakes and ways to solve these other people's mistakes.

Why waste time creating a resume from scratch when there are a huge number of ready-made templates on the network, compiled by professional designers and HR specialists. Why waste personal time on debugging, if there are about a million posts about this error on Stack Overflow. Why check on personal experience whether this material is effective for self-education or not, if there are people who are ready to share their experience with you, because they have already gone through it. Why waste personal time on this, which can be spent on something more useful and trust those who have gone through it.

Our Community

This is how the idea of creating our website was born. Our team has gathered people who are used to solving problems on their own, people with exorbitant egos have gathered who themselves are transported with the problem for hours, but will not turn to those who will solve the problem in a minute for help. And that's not okay. We understand this very well, and therefore we have created a place that partly solves this problem.

We have created a place on the web where everyone, before getting a new skill or knowledge, can see if the material he has chosen for himself is worth his time and effort. At first, it was a blog - a fairly convenient format for these purposes, but later we wanted to save our readers even more time and effort and created search engine where, by the keywords entered, the user will receive a whole database of useful and verified by our community material.

Our ideology is very simple - if a person decides to self-educate, then he already has willpower, motivation and desires, and we can only push, direct this student, saving time and effort on searches and nerves in case the student makes an erroneous choice.

Becomingnerd - Search Engine

Becomingnerd - Search Engine (source)


Our team and community are working together so that as many people and specialists as possible appear not after graduating from universities and colleges, but on their own. Students who know what they want, know how to achieve it, and most importantly, they need to achieve much greater heights for this. We are all self-taught in the team, we ourselves were once part of those students who are just fry in this IT ocean. Our motivation is to help fellow doubtful students save their valuable time and energy and trust the community experience.


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