The Top 3 Programming Languages Every IT Professional Should Learn in 2023

I would like to dedicate today’s post to all those who want to enter IT this year, those who see a huge bunch of skills and requirements even for a junior specialist with no work experience and are simply afraid and don’t know where to start. Today I have prepared for you only three programming languages with which you can painlessly enter IT.

I will say right away that these bare skills will not be enough to, for example, find a job, but it will be your skeleton, to which you need to build muscle mass, this will be your excellent foundation for building a career. I think you understand my metaphor. I have been working in IT for five years and started absolutely from scratch, I do not have any technical skills. Here are 3 programming languages that would make my life much easier if I started this process now.


Python has dominated the world of programming languages ​​in recent years and will continue to do so in 2023. It is a unique language used in various fields such as machine learning, data analysis, and web development. Its simple syntax and clean code make it a great language for both experts and beginners. It also has a large developer community that contributes libraries and modules that make troubleshooting and building complex applications easier.

In my experience, Python solves 90% of work problems and tasks, from process automation and data collection to data analysis and complex calculations. I'm a huge fan of this programming language's features alone. That's probably why there are so many Python-specific articles on our site.

Python Standard Library - Docs

Python Standard Library - Docs

For example, I recommend paying attention to this article on Python courses and materials, or this article (basic and effective) ideal for those accustomed to classical learning through books.

During his 5 years in IT, I changed his 3 jobs and fields of activity. I was his web developer for a small web studio, a data analyst for a major airline, and worked in tech support. In all three of these very different areas, this programming language saved my life, made my job easier, and made me a strong candidate.


High-level programming languages like JavaScript have been around for a long time. It is used primarily for web development and front-end programming, and it is an essential skill for anyone looking to build modern web applications. JavaScript is constantly evolving, with new frameworks and libraries emerging every year. In 2023, IT professionals should keep an eye on the latest trends in JavaScript, such as React, Angular, and Vue.js.

To be honest, when I was thinking about which programming languages to include in this list, I really wanted to include a whole stack of programming languages and classify HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript. I firmly believe that these programming languages should always be considered together. So the training will be more complex and integral. So if you have a desire to develop in web development, I strongly recommend that you consider this particular stack of programming languages.

CodeWars - JS basics

CodeWars - JS basics

However, JavaScript does not always apply specifically to web development. While studying at university, I did an internship at an information security company that had a penetration testing department. Their main tool was JavaScript (also Python). You yourself have probably already noticed what kind of possibilities this programming language has.

We also have JavaScript related articles on our site. Probably the most important for you right now is dedicated to educational resources where you could learn the skills and knowledge of coding in JS. I highly recommend reading this article at the link.


In 2011 JetBrains developed Kotlin, a new statically typed programming language. It should use simple, expressive, safe, and easy-to-read and understand syntax. Kotlin is fully compatible with Java, making it a great language for developing Android and other Java-based applications.

The language aims to be simple and straightforward, with a clear and concise syntax that allows developers to write code quickly and effectively. Null security is also built into the language to reduce the chance of null pointer exceptions and make your code more reliable and resilient. Lambdas, higher-order functions, and extension functions are just a few of the functional programming features available in the language, making it easy to write clean, reusable code. These characteristics make Kotlin a suitable language for data science and machine learning, as functional programming is commonly used in these areas.

Kotlin also offers great tooling and community support. JetBrains, the company behind Kotlin, offers a wide variety of language tools and plugins, including IDEs, build systems and testing frameworks. The Kotlin community is also very active and there are several libraries and frameworks available for Kotlin development.

To be honest, Kotlin was not included in this list on my initiative. Initially, according to my idea, SQL should have been here, however, I coordinated the list with my colleagues and friends working in the IT field, and I was very surprised when in our vote, Kotlin scored 23% of the votes, which allowed him to take 3rd place.


In conclusion, I want to say one thing. It was very easy to choose only 3 programming languages, since there will be something different for each area. I tried to pick up something universal for you, something that will help you both when looking for a job and, in general, get a huge outlook and an idea of ​​what they generally do in IT.

SQL, which I love so much, was not included in this list, because it is not a programming language, but a query language, and HTML and CSS were not included (although they were mentioned). As you can see, too many things have been invented and each language has its own use.


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